How To Play2015
v2.0 - Forthcoming, no timetable - v2.0 will have several major enhancements and upgrades, if they prove technically feasible: There will be no new unowned tiles up for sale at launch, so if you want in, you'll need to buy a v1.2 tile or v2.0 tile on the secondary market.
v1.2 - Oct 31, 2015 - This is the current, living, "official" version of Ξtheria that I (Cyrus, the developer) support. Any future versions will stem from this version including, critically, *tile ownership*. That is, owners of v1.2 tiles will inherit v2.0 tiles at some pre-announced cutoff block timestamp. This was the version that was live-demoed at DEVCON1.
v1.1 - Oct 29, 2015 - This was the third-party, first-exchange tradeable NFT in Ethereum history, replacing the internal trade mechanisms of v1.0 with a single "setOwner" function. It has historical value on this basis alone.
v1.0 - Oct 21, 2015 - This was the first publicly-announced version of Etheria. It has internal trading functions and was interacted with by some early Ethereum enthusiasts before being upgraded 8 days later. Besides being the first-known NFT on Ethereum, v1.0 was the first pixel-on-chain NFT on any chain, the first blockchain collectibles set, the first smart contract NFT, and the first-ever blockchain UGC. It also contains a few of my test doodles, the first-ever on-blockchain artwork in human history. The only NFTs predating v1.0 were "pointer" NFTs (to off-chain assets) on Namecoin and Counterparty/BTC.
pre v1.0 - During the course of development, I "tested in production" and launched several proto-Etheria contracts to the blockchain. Most were suicided. All are buggy. They were never announced, never interacted with by anyone but me (and thus are not historically significant) and will never be officially acknowledged in any way.